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Data Recovery

Benefit from our pioneering technology, top-tier equipment, and unparalleled expertise, allowing us to recover data from all storage devices. We proudly offer clients a 100% Data Guarantee, ensuring the most comprehensive data recovery in the industry.

Hard Drive Recovery

Specializing in recovering data from a range of issues such as hard drive crashes, mechanical and electrical failures, software corruption, and human errors, North excels in addressing inaccessible drives, corrupted data, accidental deletions, and other data loss scenarios, providing comprehensive solutions for individuals and businesses.

RAID Data Recovery

Our core expertise lies in RAID Data Recovery, a pivotal service in our comprehensive offerings. RAID systems ensure faster, more accessible data but pose complexities in disk management and data distribution, areas where our specialized skills excel.

Mac Recovery

Specializing in Mac data recovery, we adeptly handle MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro devices. With extensive experience in HFS, HFS+, exFAT, and the latest APFS file systems, trust us for comprehensive Mac data retrieval.

UNIX / LINUX Data Recovery

Rely on our seasoned experts, following industry standards for optimal results and cost-effectiveness. Handling diverse storage arrays like RAID, SAN, NAS, and DAS, we recover data from FAT, NTFS, EXT, HFS, LINUX, and beyond.

Virtual Machine

We specialize in restoring diverse virtual machines facing various data loss scenarios. Whether at the host level or within the machine, our focus includes hardware investigation for root causes. Count on us for VMware, Hyper-V, Xen Server, VirtualBox, and more.

Data Base Recovery

Empowered by expertise and cutting-edge tools, our technicians swiftly recover and repair damaged databases. We prioritize your business, offering timely solutions to minimize downtime. With mastery in SQL, Oracle, and MySQL, trust us for precise data restoration.

Return Path Certified
ICSA Certified
National Institute of Standards and Technology Certified
VPNC Certified
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