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North Forensics is by your side whenever and wherever your case may be -  with remote and onsite options throughout the US, we're ready to take on your next case.

Matrimonial Law

Having deep experience in matrimony law, we'll help your team take on the forensic project - whether a simple image or complex investigation.

Employment Law

Employer or Employees, we'll equip the team with the most effective data to suit your case.

Business Law

From IP to Criminal Law, North's experience in business attorneys will best target data that will equip your case.

Criminal Defense

Digital evidence is integral to every criminal defense case. If its White Collar or Violent Crimes, North is ready to complement you in your case


Validate claims, mitigate risks, and protect your clients with North Forensics behind you.


For any case that needs digital data collection, let North be at your side.

Law Enforcement

Let North equip you with the right evidence - so that you can ensure justice and public safety online. 


Safeguard national security, protect infrastructure, and ensure the integrity and security of digital systems and data with North.

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