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Our Digital Forensic Analysis service acts as the key to uncovering crucial evidence, akin to finding the "smoking gun" in investigations. Through advanced tools and expertise, we meticulously scrutinize digital footprints, revealing hidden connections and pivotal information crucial for resolving complex cases or security breaches. Our commitment lies in presenting comprehensive findings that facilitate informed decision-making and reveal decisive truths.

Blue Smoke


  • Deleted Files

  • Orphaned Files

  • Missing Folders

  • Internet History

  • Malware Keyloggers

  • USB External Device Connectivity & times

  • Volatile Running Memory Threads

  • Full file system mobile extractions

  • Locked Mobile Devices


  • User documents (Word, Excel, PDFs)

  • Correspondence (e-mail, instant messages/texts)

  • Web history, including searches conducted

  • Printed documents, faxed documents

  • Business records

  • Databases

  • Deleted data


  • Software installed/uninstalled

  • Hardware attached/removed

  • Evidence of file transfers

  • Use of removable media, such as USB drives/flash drives

  • CD/DVD burning

  • Network connections (including WiFi, Cellular, etc.)

  • Remote access activity

  • Evidence of hack-in

  • Deletion activity

  • Wiping software

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