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Preservation & Identification

We prioritize the preservation and identification of digital evidence, adhering to rigorous standards to maintain integrity and authenticity throughout the investigative process.

Identification and Documentation

  • Identifying potential digital evidence across devices and platforms.

  • Documenting details like timestamps, locations, and metadata associated with the evidence.


Secure Handling and Acquisition

  • Handling evidence securely to prevent alteration or damage.

  • Using forensically sound methods to create a complete copy (forensic image) of the original data.


Chain of Custody Establishment

  • Establishing a meticulous chain of custody log.

  • Tracking access to evidence, ensuring accountability and integrity throughout the investigation.


Verification, Validation, and Documentation of Findings

  • Verifying data integrity through hash verification or integrity checks.

  • Documenting analysis, observations, and findings related to the preserved evidence for further investigation or legal purposes.

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