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Through a systematic and thorough approach, we secure evidence while adhering rigorously to legal protocols and industry best practices. Our commitment lies in meticulously cataloging and preserving digital artifacts, ensuring that the collected data remains intact and reliable, laying a robust foundation for in-depth analysis and investigative processes.

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  • Phones 

    • iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Samsung​

  • Computers

    • Windows, Mac, etc.

  • Tablets 

  • GPS

  • DVR, Video Surveillance

  • SIM


  • IoT

  • Email

    • Gmail & M365​

  • Social Media

    • Instagram, Whatsapp, X/Twitter, LinkedIn Facebook, etc.

  • Sharepoint

  • Team Communication

    • Slack, Microsoft Teams​, Google Chat

  • Internet History

  • Cloud Data

  • & More

Deleted & Hidden Data

As part of our Digital Forensics Collections, we specialize in recovering Deleted & Hidden Data. Utilizing advanced tools, we meticulously uncover concealed or deleted information crucial to investigations. Our expertise in navigating digital landscapes allows us to retrieve valuable data often pivotal in understanding cases or security breaches.

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